About Us

Who we are at Infotech-Bury
InfoTech-Bury offers on-site and workshop-based computer services across north Manchester. It provides onsite and remote support and services for business and home users. Specialist care is available in networking, computer repairs, data recovery, hardware / software installations, system configurations, optimisation and integration.
So, what is unique about InfoTech Bury?
InfoTech-Bury’s approach is refreshingly different from other computer engineers because:
• InfoTech-Bury offers a high levels of friendly and personalised service;
• Situated close to its customer base means that InfoTech Bury can respond quickly to meet your needs;
• InfoTech main focus is on computer service, before hardware / software sales;
• Independent of all hardware / software suppliers means impartial and first class support and advice;
• We also offer remote support using Teamviewer software – we log in whilst you brew up!
Established in 2006
Since 2006 in the Greater Manchester area, Infotech-Bury have been helping business and private clients to fix computer problems. From issues like computer repairs, laptop repairs, data recovery and on-site computer service, no job is too big or too small. Infotech-Bury are staffed by highly trained technicians with a minimum experience of 9 years’ experience each in the IT industry. The company is proud to provide the highest quality computer service. Infotech has helped corporate and private customers to resolve many of their IT problems by either dispatching a computer engineer to the site or having the faulty computer or hard drive collected from the customer for service or data recovery in our workshops in Bury.
Trained Engineers
Furthermore, Infotech-bury have their own in-house highly trained engineers and IT consultants who specialise in the support of computer networks running Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003/ Vista Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and the soon to be released Windows 10 OS. All of our Infotech operatives are suitably trained and have extensive experience in the maintenance, repair, configuration and installation of PCs, laptop computers, wired or wireless networks, routers, PDAs and all the other most common computer equipment used for business or private use.
Our experienced personnel are always ready for action to ensure a high quality computer service is offered to the customer. You can only expect the best, the timeliest and the highest quality service from our staff.
Solution Providers
Infotech aims to fully satisfy customers by offering them solutions rather than simple fixes. We consider ourselves as IT solution providers rather than just “fixers” and cater for the needs of both small businesses and private individuals.