How will WPA3 improve WiFi security?

In October 2017, researchers made public a serious vulnerability in WPA2, the security protocol that protects most of today’s WiFi networks. This discovery put the protocol’s security in the spotlight and led to discussions about the need for a new standard. Finally, the WiFi Alliance, the organization that certifies WiFi devices, announced WPA3, […]

UK-led police operation quashes Luminosity Link RAT

A hacking tool that was able to give full remote control of a victim’s computer to anyone with nefarious intentions has been taken down in an international law-enforcement operation, according to announcements by the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and by Europol. The remote access Trojan (RAT), called Luminosity Link, was peddled on […]

Trends 2018: Personal data in the new age of technology and legislation

Privacy is, or should be, a fundamental human right. Nowadays, the understanding of what the term privacy means for the end user inclines towards data privacy or information privacy. This deviation makes maintaining the desired data-neutral position for the end user increasingly complex. On one hand, there are extremely technology-driven […]

New Wi-Fi attack

Android devices are said to be particularly vulnerable to a novel new Wi-Fi attack that has a widespread impact. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images) It’s time to get patching again. Another widespread vulnerability affecting practically everyone and everything that uses Wi-Fi was revealed on Monday, allowing hackers to decrypt and potentially look […]